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HMS is committed to best practices that not only deliver leading-quality parts and reliable performance, but parts that are manufactured in ISO/TS certified facilities as well. HMS is ISO 9001:2015 certified with an objective to supply all parts to meet and exceed our customer's expectations.  For more information about our Quality services please visit the Engineering and Quality page by clicking here.



HMS continuously upgrades technology and systems to best serve our growing customer base in a host of industries ranging from green energy and conveyor assembly, to truck manufacturing and lawn and garden care. To learn more about the markets we serve, please click here.




Tapered roller bearings are widely used in roll-neck applications in rolling mills, transmissions, gear reducers, geared shafting, steering mechanisms, and machine-tool spindles. These tapered rollers require lubrication: Where speeds are low, grease lubrication can be used but high speeds demand oil lubrication; very high speeds require special lubricating agents to maintain proper function.


To  access our comprehensive  product size/ specification chart,  please  click on the links below to download the PDF file.


» Inch Series – Tapered Roller Bearings

» Metric Series – Tapered Roller Bearings

tapered roll bearings
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