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Original equipment manufacturers, industrial end users, and distributors rely on HMS for the quality parts and components that help fuel their success. We put our customers first—delivering not only leading-quality parts, but offering value, reliability, on-time delivery and personal customer service.

Always, HMS remains flexible and works to meet our customers' express needs.  Parts and components can be fabricated as prototypes and samples, and provided for testing in various applications.  We also manufacture to customer drawings, as well as reverse engineer from samples to deliver for our customers quality, performance, and peace of mind.

industrial components


HMS manufactures components with graded raw material to ensure optimum efficiency, long life and durable perfection. All steel forgings and steel and aluminum castings are finished to your exact specifications. We offer:

  • Rough castings and U-Joint cross

  • Connecting rods (Forging)

  • Brake calipers (Casting)



HMS gear manufacturers are located in India, China, and

Eastern Europe. All manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001: 2000 accredited. We assure precision quality with timely deliveries on all types of gears. Gears we manufacture include:

  • Spur gears                          

  • Sprockets

  • Helical gears

  • Ring and pinions

  • Bevel gears (Straight)

  • Worm gears

  • Bevel gears (Spiral)

  • Internal gears

  • Racks

  • Gear blanks

  • One piece cluster gears

  • Gear blanks (Semi-machined)

  • Shafts

  • And many others




HMS is committed to best practices that not only deliver leading-quality parts and reliable performance, but parts that are manufactured in ISO/TS certified facilities as well.  HMS is ISO 9001:2015 certified with an objective to supply all parts to meet and exceed our customer's expectations.  For more information about our Quality services please visit the Engineering and Quality page by clicking here.




HMS continuously upgrades technology and systems to best serve our growing customer base in a host of industries ranging from green energy and conveyor assembly, to truck manufacturing and lawn and garden care. To learn more about the markets we serve, please click here.




From  cars  and  motorcycles  to  heavy-duty trucks,  HMS supplies shock absorbers manufactured to not only meet your specifications, but to deliver performance and wear- ability. Available options include:

  • With springs

  • McPherson strut

  • Motorcycle/Utility vehicle

  • Custom mounting

shock absorbers


From cars  to lawnmowers and engines, drive shafts are the  force behind power transfer.  Manufactured to OEM design specifications, HMS stocks drive shaft components to meet your needs:

  • All sizes of yokes and crosses

  • Cross kits with needles

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