At HMS we take testing and inspection procedures extremely serious.  We know customers depend on HMS to not only supply consistent quality parts, but also to evaluate our product performance to improve where necessary, and continually report fact-based results to support and validate HMS parts utilized in the marketplace.  

Below is a listing of equipment operated throughout the quality inspection process:  

 •Rockwell Hardness Tester

HMS tests the hardness (HRC) on all arrival orders as a function of our incoming inspection process.  Click above for more information on the Rockwell Hardness Testing Process.  

 •Dial Indicators-5 (Federal & Mitutoyo)

Our Federal and Mitutoy0 dial indicators allow for precision measurements recording up to one ten-thousandths of an inch.  Click above for more information.

•Precision Gauge Blocks-2 sets (Starrett-Webber)

•Inspection Level Granite Surface Plate- (Starrett)

•Calipers and Micrometers-6 (Brown and Sharpe)

•Precision Hole Gauge- (Sunnen)

•Ring and Plug Gauges-40+ (Vermont)

Minilase Laser Marking System-  (Tykma)

HMS utilizes the Minilase laser marking system for small “runs” of product that have customized marking requirements.  Click above for more information on the Minilase value added service. 

Quality Control:


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